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Are you ready to put the glasses away and get perfect all around vision again? Consider contacts! There is the right fit and brand for everyone out there for maximum comfort and vision and we can help you find it.

Don't want to bother with contacts and glasses anymore? Maybe it's time to consider Lasik!

The brands you love

Not just any contacts are appropriate for sufferers of keratoconus. The more advanced the disease becomes, the more it becomes necessary to have custom-fitted contacts to provide the proper vision correction as well as comfort. We can provide the necessary customization to get you the most effective and comfortable contacts for your needs.

Special contacts for keratoconus

Whether you are looking for soft or rigid lenses, easy disposables, fun colored lenses, or you require special lenses for astigmatism or keratoconus, we can provide a prescription and guidance selecting the right brand and style.

We'll find the right contacts for your comfort

You don't need to hide behind glasses anymore!